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I Hate Concerts.

I am never going to a concert again. The people were scary, the food smelt awful, people were smoking pot and drinking, and it was loud. My friends and I got shoved to the very front, which was not fun at all. I had three beers thrown at me, quite a few fat guys dropped on me whilst crowd surfing, and my friends and I got separated fairly soon. BC’s boyfriend got bit on the arm by a crazy chick who wanted to go to the front, and after she bit about four more people, she was kicked out. Andrew and I were separated from BC and Syd, so he kept me from being smushed by the giant people. It was when 30 Seconds to Mars came onstage that I got fully separated from the rest. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get out of a mosh pit without crowd surfing? It took me almost an hour to get out, just to give you an idea. I now have the world’s biggest headache, and the only good to come from this shitty night was that i got to touch Jared Leto. I will never wash my left hand again.

EDIT- i also am fairly certain my foot is broken. or at least part of it. One good thing about being black, it is rare for bruises to be visible. my aunt would be PISSED if she knew just how many times i got elbowed in the face. it hurts to smile. but i got to touch Jared leto, as mentioned above, so… And no, Jamie, I am never washing my hand again. EVER. Unless for some reason Johnny Depp feels like shaking my hand, and is allergic to Jared Leto. Cuz it’s no comparison, really.


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