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Moody Headphones, Neil Patrick Harris, Christmas

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway

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What do these things have to do with each other? Seemingly, nothing, but they do actually all tie together, in an only slightly ruffled package.

My headphones PMS, I swear. Some days, only the right bud works, other days, only the left. I stopped using them for a week once, because I thought they were broken. They were not. It’s really hard to find good quality headphones that don’t go into your ear. I hate those kinds of headphones. They’re too big for my ears, and they give me a headache, on the off chance i can squeeze them in.

Neil Patrick Harris is perfect. Truly. And where any self respecting woman would only pine slightly once realizing his cruelly decided sexuality (Damn you, God!) but me? I seem to only love him more. Like, I was listening to the Rent soundtrack on YouTube, via my phone, and I found a video of him singing, which was nice, but I knew he could do that. Then, I look a little deeper, and I find a clip of him -wait for it- serenading his boy toy. Yup. And I think I should probably stop calling him his ‘Boy Toy’ some might find it offensive, I guess.

Would you say Rent is a Christmas movie? Because it’s based around that time of year, and there’s even a song, but it doesn’t really scream ‘holiday movie’, you know? Then again, neither does While You Were Sleeping, but I watch it every year, so…

Did you see how they all tie into each other? If you did, you get a virtual cookie.


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