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Lazy Saturdays, Smoking Ovens, and Numb3rs

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So, here’s a basic rundown of my day, today.

I have done absolutely nothing productive today. Well, nothing successfully productive, but more on that later. I finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia last night, and I just finished rereading Voyage of the Dawn Treader today. I can’t wait until I can see it next week! It’s the best one, after the first one. Book, that is. I kind of get why they didn’t make a Horse and his Boy or the Magician’s Nephew into movies, though. A Horse and his Boy is really, insanely boring, and It makes more sense to save MN until after the other movies are made, like how they’re making the Hobbit into a movie now. It works better as a prequel, then a first movie, or a sequel.

So, that unsuccessfully productive thing I did today? I cleaned the oven. Now, our oven may be a billion years old, but it still has that nifty little self-clean button. So, thinking I’d save some time and energy, I pushed it, and let it go for a couple hours. Or, i planned to, anyways. But about half an hour into this vigorous cleaning, the house starts to stink. And when I say stink, I mean it! I swear,  thought that thing was going to e’splode!!! So, here I sit, and hour and a half later, and the smoke has just barely finished going away, even with every door open, and every fan in the house blowing! So, the main point of this lesson, children? Don’t be lazy; just scrub the damn thing down.

I love Numb3rs. It is one of my favorite shows that doesn’t involve singing, or doctors. And law and Order:SVU, of course. Charlie is so cute! he was bernard in the first 2 Santa Clauses, and the reason the third one sucked is because he wasn’t in it. That’s my theory, of course. But of course, it got cancelled, which sucks!

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