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Watching Glee Reruns- Yes!!!

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I love it! Darren Criss, four days before Christmas? Yes, please! He’s just so… Ahh! I love him immensely! And my sister, who hates Harry Potter, isn’t allowed to love him, is ever so angry, and I just showed her why. She can’t stand that he was in AVPM/AVPS. And I find that almost as satisfying as watching him without waiting for the damn video to buffer. I hope it snows on Christmas… Hell, at this point I’d even take a little rain. Well… This is kind of a waste of a post. I have absolutely nothing going on worth blogging about. It’s not close enough to Christmas to be freaking out about not having all my shopping done, it’s too close to be doing any decorating, and There’s nothing insanely intriguing on tv that I haven’t already posted about. So… How’re y’all? OH!! No, I remembered! We found our stockings today!!! A full two days earlier then usual! I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Because my aunt also got my report card in the mail, and hasn’t yelled at me once about it, so I can only assume I did good enough for it not to be punishable. And I am actually almost done with all of my presents. I even went to a party on Saturday, with permission, and not even the sarcastic kind that I turn into legitimate permission! But actual, 100% real permission! I didn’t even know they still made that! Lol…

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Day 2

Okay, Day 2. A picture of a moment/day in 2010 that you will remember forever. Man, i wish I still took pictures of drama… but since i don’t, here’s a picture of the VTOTA, where we performed Testing, Testing last month, and rocked it!

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a picture of a specific moment, but I don’t have any recent pictures uploaded to my laptop yet, and as you know, my phone’s being a bitchwhore, so here’s a list of 10 other things I’ll never forget from 2010:

  1. Danny bellydancing in drama.
  2. Singing in the musical.
  3. Getting my permit (a year later then i should have, but whatevs).
  4. Reaching 10,000 hits!
  5. Giving Willow my phone number.
  6. Getting a lead (ish) part in a show!
  7. Getting two new cats.
  8. Being sick AND having it on Thanksgiving.
  9. Reading Les Miserables in three weeks.
  10. Baking pumpkin bread, successfully!


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