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My Favorite Gay Man Ever. (Next To You, Of Course, Willow.)

Neil Patrick Harris photographed by Eric Schwabel

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So. I love gay people. We all know this. But my favorite? Neil Patrick Harris. I love this guy, people. And I’m sorry, but have you seen this guy’s boyfriend, David Burtka? *sigh* God is a mean, evil man for making those two adorable guys, making them virtually perfect, then making them gay. Like, they’re having twins, which is just so cute, I can actually feel the cavities growing. Women and gay men everywhere are crying themselves to sleep at night. Like, I kind of tear up when I think of how utterly perfect Neil is. He’s adorable, he’s funny, he can sing, he can act… clearly he wants kids. But he has the only flaws that can never be overlooked by hopefuls; wrong sexuality, in a relationship, has no clue who I (or a good 95% of us fans) am. But if I had the chance, I would hide him in my basement forever. (Overlooking the fact, of course, that I don’t have a basement, and if I did, I’d never enter it.)


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