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Ech! why do people do that? they make the mistake of having unprotected sex, and then that teeny tiny little baby has to suffer! it isn’t right. today in bio we were doing presentations, and a couple of girls did theirs on abortion. do people actually have an abortion at nine months? because at that stage, you have to give birth to the baby anyways, it’s just dead, instead of letting it live and giving it up for adoption. it’s murder. My mom almost had me aborted, you know. at three months. if it weren’t for my father, who, i might add, deserted us the day after i was born, i wouldn’t be here. how sad is it that the father who abandoned me, loved me more then my own mother, who after having two more children, ran off, leaving us with our aunt? no wonder my self esteem’s shit. have you seen how they ‘abort’ the baby? they reach in, flip it over, and stab it in the back of it’s neck, sucking the brain out so that the skull collapses! and for all of this, the baby is alive, and can feel it all. the only person in this thing who’s as bad, if not worse, then the mother, is the abortionist, who does this hundreds of times a day. abortion should be illegal. so much for the bond a mother shares with her child. if a mother can kill her unborn child, it’s no wonder they can drown thier children in tubs, and fathers can starve a couple of toddlers to death.


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