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Glee is Totally Awesome!

Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich in the park

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I seriously am in love with this show! I don’t know… okay, maybe I do know, but I don’t like that some people don’t like this show! It’s just such a giggle inducing pile of lovely, musical goop, and I love it. It’s a show about real people, people you see everyday, people you call friends. It’s not a warm, fluffy blanket of goodness, like ‘Friends‘, or a ridiculous, drama filled blah, like ‘Desperate Housewives‘. It’s honest, and funny, and sad, and cute, and annoying. It’s a person. Glee is like your best friend, but with a better voice. Next week’s episode is going to be really good, and I anticipate lots of laughs. Though, I predicted lots of tears for last week’s, and just got a lot of stunned silence. And squealing when Darren Criss sang, of course. I downloaded all the AVPM/AVPS songs today, and haven’t stopped listening to them since. Except for the two hour break for Glee and Raising Hope, of course.

You know, with my luck, the first famous person to read my blog, would be Darren. Not someone who I like, but am not all super insane about, no. It’ll be the boy (man? boyman?) who I grinned insanely for because his name was mentioned in the Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie issue of Entertainment Weekly. Not even a picture, of anything, just a little blurb about the Glee Christmas cd, because he sings ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ with Kurt. it’s even worse then when I was going through my ‘Keanu Reeves‘ phase, and freaked out because someone visited my blog who was from where Keanu was born, and there’s a tiny chance Imaybethoughtitwashim! So… Glee tonight wasn’t much, though. The songs were good and all, but like I told Willow, now that they’ve introduced the general public to Darren, they’re just going to have to get used to people demanding he sing a song every episode. Preferably to Kurt. Or about Kurt. Hell, as long as the two of them are in the same room together, and Darren’s singing, I think we can cope!

Now, I am a loving person, I like to believe, but I can honestly say, that if I could only pick five material items to save from oblivion, they’d be:

  1. Glee- Do I really need to explain why?
  2. The 7th and 3rd Harry Potter books– The 7th because it’s the end of an era, the third because of the suspiciously long hug between Remus and Sirius. I’m sorry, but I hate Dumbledore, and I refuse to believe he’s the only gay character in a seven part series. (Also, I can’t believe people never got that he was gay. By the 4th book, you know there’s something going on.)
  3. My laptop- I hate my laptop, I sometimes dream that I shoot it repeatedly with Trici’s Glock, but it’s the only connection to you guys I have.
  4. It’s a Wonderful Life– For when my laptop stops working, and I need a reason to live.
  5. A tv- To watch Glee and it’s a Wonderful Life.

And that’s it for today, folks. Darren Criss, if you ever stumble upon this blog, I love you, and I’m sorry I am so insanely enamored of you. And that I am kind of set in my idea that you are gay. I make pretty much any cute guy not in a committed relationship gay, though, so it’s not just you.

And yes, that is a picture of Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich. I wish I was that sandwich…


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Sexy Men. More of Them.

Bon Jovi- My favorite man of all time. Even back when he had that awful hair do.

Joaquin Phoenix- I love those Phoenix brothers. I really do.

James McAvoy- Only guy I know of who can be as cute as a button, even when holding a gun.

Heath Ledger- I was just about crying when I searched him in Bing. We had the same birthday. He would be 32 as of Easter Sunday. And now I am crying. Great.

Ashton Kutcher- Men everywhere must hate him. He’s 30, and still looks about… 19? 20, maybe.

Keanu Reeves- don’t judge me. I love the guy, okay?

Jamie Oliver- I love this guy. He’s easily the sexiest chef I’ve ever seen. And that mouth…


Micheal C. Hall- He is adorable. Trust me. But he has cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I think? And I decided I wanted to use a picture that kind of reflected that. Google him, though. You’ll see what I mean.

Adrien Grenier- ignore her- she’s stupid. and neither attractive, nor male. He, however, is a door and a ball.

Sorry. Last Hot Guy post. I swear.

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i found this and agree full on!!

This was one of my favorite press conferences of all time. The one thing about doing interviews, is that normally people want to talk about what they have done. You give them a chance and they’ll go on and on about it, which is great because that’s what we’re looking for. Keanu Reeves is a man of very few words, but when he speaks he’s brilliant.

Lol... Probably!

Lol... Probably!

I got the impression from Keanu that he really doesn’t give a fuck about what he says or how he’s perceived. Hell, he’s Keanu Reeves! The press hounds him, he has received less than great reviews on some (many) of his performances, and yet he has continued to work steadily for two decades in one of the most cut-throat industries and is one of the highest paid actors of all time. So yeah I kind of agree with his, ‘you can all go fuck yourselves I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing’ demeanor. At least the man is consistent!

To add to that, he gave one of my all time favorite answers to a question. Often at a press conference you get some pointless questions, but rarely do you get such a great retort.

Question: Keanu, this film is all about change, is there something about you you’d like to change about yourself?

At this point Keanu crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair and said completely deadpan…

KR: No, I’m perfect.

Everyone laughed and waited for him to continue, but he just sat back with a blank stare until everyone became uncomfortable and the conference moved on.

How brilliant is that?!

(this isn’t mine at all, i found it at some website and just had to post it!)

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Why the Hatred?

Can anyone tell my why, oh why people hate keanu reeves oh so much? i don’t understand it! he’s cute, he can act, and he’s an all around good guy. smart guy? not really. he did run into the side of a mountain while riding his motorcycle at night without the lights on. but he’s a good guy. he doesn’t even do any crappy movies, minus johnny mnemonic. (that movie made me die a little inside.) so why all the hatred? is it jealousy? Envy? or just plain old stupidity?


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