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Favorite Song on Radio and it Makes Me Smile!

I never thought I’d find an all time favorite song, let alone on that was popular with other people my age (We as a whole have shitty taste. it’s okay. Embrace it!), but I can’t help but love Just the Way You Are. Bruno Mars has always amoosed me, ever since they were on Saturday Night Live, but I was pretty much indifferent, as far as songs go. But this song is pretty much perfect. It’s my go to shower song, my go to sad and wanna feel happy song, my everything song! Such a good song, so cute. The fact that Finn sang it to Kurt has nothing to do with it, surprisingly enough!

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People are so Weird…

Pilot (Glee)

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About Glee. Like I always do, I went and perused some forums about glee, to see what other people thought of last night’s episode. My god, people hate change. Like, they were so butt hurt about how in the first season, bullying was something not to be taken very seriously, even funny at some points, but this season it’s all super serious. Wow, find some depth, people. There are different kinds and levels of bullying. Being called names, getting a slushie in the face- unpleasant, but faintly amusing. Being pushed into lockers and kissed by a creeper? Serious. And everyone’s upset because this season’s main focus is going to be about bullying, which translates into more Kurt. I’m sorry, but when a season of tv is about bullying, and it’s set in Ohio, with an openly gay main character, yes, the season will feature that person a lot. Wouldn’t it seem odd to you that the gay kid who wears weird clothes is left alone, while the short bitchy girl is bullied? If it offends you so much, just skip this year’s season. But if I see one more guy ranting about the ‘gay agenda’, I’m going to scream. Because yeah, gay people have monthly meetings, and plot to take over the world over tea and cookies. Just like black people do over rice krispies, and asians do over rice and chopsticks. People are just so ridiculous! It’s not like one season that focusses slightly on a gay character is going to turn everyone gay, people! Just like watching animal planet won’t make you throw poop, and scratch your ass. People are just so dumb! There’s no way to accurately describe how dimwitted and close minded this world is! You love who you love, that’s that! Do you know what my cousin told me on Thanksgiving? That in the future, being gay is going to be illegal. What’s sadder- the fact that a 9 year old worries about this, or the fact that for all we know, it could be? We’ve already brought back racial profiling, and are blaming problems we’ve always had on illegal immigrants, why is this so out there? So, my simple rant about idiotic bigots has, as always, turned into something completely different. Why does this always happen to me?? *Sigh* my brain is broked.


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Ahh! Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

Glee. Is. AMAZING!!! I am so glad they did Just the Way You Are, you don’t even know! That’s kind of my go to shower song. And I liked Dave’s dad. I thought he was going to be every bit an asshole as his son, but he wasn’t, which I liked. And Sue‘s wedding scene was just so… odd, and sweet, and heartbreaking. Abandoning your kids is bad enough, but coming back and expecting nothing to have changed… I don’t care how much I love my mom, if she ever does something like that, I’ll kick her. Next week’s episode is going to be badass, though. Willow, my boy, you got your wish. Darren and Kurt are going to sing together!!!! I need to figure out what though, see if it fits them… And people say I’m obsessed… Ha!

Okay, I have been searching for about half an hour, and no one has a real idea what they’re going to be singing, or who’s singing what. I saw Hey Soul Sister and Time of My Life mentioned, though, so…

I am a freak. I started reading the Hunger Games in first period, right? Not even reading non stop, just when ever Hennessey stopped talking. By lunch, I was finished, and well into the next one, called Catching Fire. The books are good, don’t misunderstand me. But people take SO LONG to read even a little book, like Anthem, while I fly through stuff like that! *Sigh* Why couldn’t I have been a math prodigy, instead? Being a fast reader and being able to read really advanced stuff won’t really get you anywhere, except maybe a certificate from the library, of which I have many. My aunt has been reading the 7th HP book for a week now, and still isn’t anywhere near being done, but I read it three times over the weekend!! *Sigh* I guess I’m just going to have to accept that I am incapable of finding a suitable way to display my superior intellect. Though, I have been supplying Trici with good comebacks to use against her boyfriend, so maybe do have a purpose! Lol…

So, my tummy feels funny, I can’t wait until next week, and I have an eye booger. Good night, all!


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Glee is Totally Awesome!

Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich in the park

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I seriously am in love with this show! I don’t know… okay, maybe I do know, but I don’t like that some people don’t like this show! It’s just such a giggle inducing pile of lovely, musical goop, and I love it. It’s a show about real people, people you see everyday, people you call friends. It’s not a warm, fluffy blanket of goodness, like ‘Friends‘, or a ridiculous, drama filled blah, like ‘Desperate Housewives‘. It’s honest, and funny, and sad, and cute, and annoying. It’s a person. Glee is like your best friend, but with a better voice. Next week’s episode is going to be really good, and I anticipate lots of laughs. Though, I predicted lots of tears for last week’s, and just got a lot of stunned silence. And squealing when Darren Criss sang, of course. I downloaded all the AVPM/AVPS songs today, and haven’t stopped listening to them since. Except for the two hour break for Glee and Raising Hope, of course.

You know, with my luck, the first famous person to read my blog, would be Darren. Not someone who I like, but am not all super insane about, no. It’ll be the boy (man? boyman?) who I grinned insanely for because his name was mentioned in the Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie issue of Entertainment Weekly. Not even a picture, of anything, just a little blurb about the Glee Christmas cd, because he sings ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ with Kurt. it’s even worse then when I was going through my ‘Keanu Reeves‘ phase, and freaked out because someone visited my blog who was from where Keanu was born, and there’s a tiny chance Imaybethoughtitwashim! So… Glee tonight wasn’t much, though. The songs were good and all, but like I told Willow, now that they’ve introduced the general public to Darren, they’re just going to have to get used to people demanding he sing a song every episode. Preferably to Kurt. Or about Kurt. Hell, as long as the two of them are in the same room together, and Darren’s singing, I think we can cope!

Now, I am a loving person, I like to believe, but I can honestly say, that if I could only pick five material items to save from oblivion, they’d be:

  1. Glee- Do I really need to explain why?
  2. The 7th and 3rd Harry Potter books– The 7th because it’s the end of an era, the third because of the suspiciously long hug between Remus and Sirius. I’m sorry, but I hate Dumbledore, and I refuse to believe he’s the only gay character in a seven part series. (Also, I can’t believe people never got that he was gay. By the 4th book, you know there’s something going on.)
  3. My laptop- I hate my laptop, I sometimes dream that I shoot it repeatedly with Trici’s Glock, but it’s the only connection to you guys I have.
  4. It’s a Wonderful Life– For when my laptop stops working, and I need a reason to live.
  5. A tv- To watch Glee and it’s a Wonderful Life.

And that’s it for today, folks. Darren Criss, if you ever stumble upon this blog, I love you, and I’m sorry I am so insanely enamored of you. And that I am kind of set in my idea that you are gay. I make pretty much any cute guy not in a committed relationship gay, though, so it’s not just you.

And yes, that is a picture of Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich. I wish I was that sandwich…


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I Can't Help It: My Celeb Crush

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What Celebrity Do I Have a Crush On— Really? You Need to Ask?


Darren Criss. I love him. And I loved him before he was on Glee. Not as long as Trici has loved him, but more then half the people proclaiming to. He’s pretty much perfect. Beautiful as heck, talented singer and actor, playing a gay kid… He’s Neil Patrick Harris, only (Hopefully) straight. But if he’s not straight, he needs to find himself a cute boyfriend soon, or it’ll just hurt all us unlucky females more in the long run. Not even kidding, other then holiday music, the only song I’ve listened to for the past week is ‘Teenage Dream’. It’s a good song anyways, but make it sung by a boy, to another boy, by a super talented boy, and it’s amazing. As you all have learned by now, I am prone to… squealing, when given reason to, i.e.- shown any man/boy serenading another man/boy. Like, I went nuts over a 45 second YouTube video of Neil patrick Harris singing a song from Rent to David Burtka. So it’s understandable, that this 3 minute, 41 second long serenade has got me jumping off of roofs in my glee, pun 100% intended. Now, during this episode of Glee, there was also a boy/boy kiss, which normally would have also sent me out of orbit, if it hadn’t been so completely unexpected, and shocking. Me and my sister were completely silent during the commercial break, which never happens. Even now it doesn’t click in my brain, that two boys kissed on tv, because of who they were. i always thought it’d be Puck who just up and kissed Kurt. He overcompensates, you know. So does Dave, i guess, but I never saw it coming. Now, when Blaine and Kurt kiss, I may end up hurting myself, from jumping up and down so much!

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Today’s A Good Day!

14 hours later and I am still freaking out about last night’s Glee. I love Darren Criss, i really do, but it’s weird going from YouTube videos watched on the bus on my phone, stopping to buffer every four minutes, to my tv screen, no buffering needed. I watched Eastwick, so I’m not super new to the awesomeness that is Darren Criss, but I didn’t know it was him, so it doesn’t really count. PAUSE: My english teacher spelt ‘equality’ wrong. It’s ‘Equalty’. Ugh. UNPAUSE: I about squealed–aw, who am I kidding, I DID squeal– when he was singing Teenage Dream. And I giggled like a crazy person when I heard it on the radio this morning, too. Glee just makes me so happy, you know? Singing, dancing, and gay people. All you need in life. And food and water, but mostly singing, dancing, and gay people. What you do NOT need, is group work. We are not in third grade anymore. Group work is pretty pointless now. I doubt there’s group work in college. Well, maybe in a science class, like chemistry, but not for english, which is a pretty solitary subject to begin with. If I wanted to talk about why Ayn Rand wrote Anthem, I’d join a super boring book club. Though, it is better the 1984, I s’pose. Not a difficult feat, though. Huh. My train of though is gone now. I hate when that happens. So now I guess I’ll stop writing this post, and some tags, and an image, and post it. Bye!

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