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Insert Witty Title Here.

Copying Trici… Again.


Willow: I love you. I can count on you to be there, even though you technically aren’t, no matter what. I can be as awkward as I want around you. Sometimes more. You’re probably the only person who can make me LOL for real, even in a completely empty house.

Trici: You are like the sister I wish my sisters were. We have our ups and downs, but we always end up right back where we began- in that first period drama class, making up characters, and making videos. I trust you above all else, and dread the day we part ways.

Lily: You may be the most eccentric person I know. You are a huge Gleek, you are always on a horse, and you are kind of paranoid. You give the best hugs, and can make anyone smile. I adore you!

Erica: You are freaking awesome, and I don’t know what this year would have been like if i had never met you. You’re so confident, and you can make people laugh just by saying what’s on your mind.

Ashlei: You are my whiteness. I will never be able to think back to last year without laughing insanely, and I have you to thank for that.

Jamie: You may not be a complete replica of me, but that’s okay. You don’t need to love Harry Potter, or obsess over the suckiness of Twilight. Just stay my friend, that’s all I need.

And to everyone I didn’t mention (Because of a lack of time, not because I forgot, or didn’t care.)- I love you. We may not have more ups then downs, we may get along perfectly. Whatever our relationship, know I treasure it. Except for Michael. I can’t stand you. You are a creep, and  wish you’d stop sitting by me on the bus.


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My Cover’s Been Blown

Wow. At first, I had this totally brilliant post already to go in my mind, and it went perfectly with my intriguing post title, but I just lost it. *whoosh* Gone. I hate when that happens. To celebrate this, I shall list things I hate. Just for Funsies.

  1. Forgetting all the smart, witty things I come up with in my mind the second I open my mouth.
  2. When my hair is only the pretty kind of curly when I get home, never when I want/need it to be.
  3. When words are misspelled or used correctly.
  4. When I use or spell words incorrectly.
  5. When you’re up all night typing this stupid paper, and think you’re done, only to realise that you still need to stretch all your information for another page and a half.
  6. When spellcheck doesn’t recognise words spelt the British way.
  7. When you open a brand new box of snackies, only to realise that you will undoubtably end up eating all of them.
  8. When someone set the volume to a number that doesn’t end in a 5 or a 0. (i.e.- 37, versus 35)
  9. When stupid assholes ruin the ends of books.
  10. When people say that Twilight is better then, or even on par with, Harry Potter.

But never fear, fair maidens/man-maidens. There is love in this world too.

  1. making lists.
  2. spelling things like British people.
  3. Improvising skits in Drama.
  4. Reading books that no one else ever will.
  5. Being the only one in class whose seen/read a book/movie that relates to the class.
  6. Being short. I may say I hate it, but really, it’s useful. (No having to ask for the kid’s menu, so I can color.)
  7. Law shows. The law is so stupidly interesting, and I love watching people rip it to shreds.

And here ends my lists of pointlessness. Now, wasn’t that a giant waste of your time?


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doing it.

not it it, just, changing myself. i think i’m finally ready to mature a little bit. i want him to notice me more then he already does, and i want to know for sure that he’s noticing how i look, not the fact that my fly’s down on the day when the only underwear in my dresser are the tinkerbell ones a bought on a dare! *blush* did that spohomore year… still having nightmares. but hey, it has to be a good sign that he’s notcied me before i decided to look really good, right? and on days where even my unflattering mirror makes me look good, too! people are always complaining about how love incapacitates them… but i think it sets you free. you aren’t afraid to make a fool of yourself if it’s in the name of the person you love.

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The Thing I Like Most About Guys

We all like guys. Every girl on the planet has looked at a man appreciatively at least once. We depend on them. Who else tells us we look great, when we know we look like shit? Who else can make you laugh, and in the same breath, reduce you to tears? Who else holds your heart in the palm of their hands, so easily crushed? They are our friends, our fathers, our crushes, our husbands, our boyfriends. And they have no clue. They don’t know that what they thought was a clever joke, is being interpreted by the girl they told it to and her friends while he lies, unaware, in bed. Silly, clueless boys… They don’t get that every smile the send our way, every glance held a second longer then neccessary  is evaluated over and over again by us insane girls. What i like most about boys is that even once they figure out how insane and crazed we are, they still love us. Are they now scarred forever, and terrified of any type of commitment? Definitely. But they’re still there.

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