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Pre Lock-In Update

Traditional pajamas for sleeping.

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  1. Willow demanded a Lock In post, so here’s the first one. Just a list of things I’m doing, and are going wrong, to prepare for the single most fun night I get.
  2. Wonderful footie pajamas I’ve been bragging about don’t fit anymore. Damn boobs.
  3. Clingy aunt is determined to ruin the only fun I get that’s outside of school.
  4. Mother nature may soon be dropping off her monthly gift. Bitch.
  5. Kind of wigging out about Step In questions. Not really up for revealing personal crap to people i only kind of know.
  6. Gotta take a shower, but our bathroom’s tub isn’t draining, and My aunt stupidly tried to flush a plant down the toilet, so her whole bathroom is gross.

Now on to the good stuff!

  1. Making brownie bites at Trici’s house before the Lock In.
  2. Gonna get to see Kyle and everyone else who quit drama for the first time in forever.
  3. Gonna bring my piggy/pillow guy. I loves him.
  4. A whole night away from my family. Even more then usual, cause I don’t even have to go home first! Instead of the usual 9 hours of freedom, i get a whopping 14 and a half!!! Sweet!
  5. I get to make more memories, but with my closer friends. Instead of ones I made with the others, where i was never really a part of the memory, just a bystander.

So there you go. A general idea of what the lock in does to me. I love it!


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My Cover’s Been Blown

Wow. At first, I had this totally brilliant post already to go in my mind, and it went perfectly with my intriguing post title, but I just lost it. *whoosh* Gone. I hate when that happens. To celebrate this, I shall list things I hate. Just for Funsies.

  1. Forgetting all the smart, witty things I come up with in my mind the second I open my mouth.
  2. When my hair is only the pretty kind of curly when I get home, never when I want/need it to be.
  3. When words are misspelled or used correctly.
  4. When I use or spell words incorrectly.
  5. When you’re up all night typing this stupid paper, and think you’re done, only to realise that you still need to stretch all your information for another page and a half.
  6. When spellcheck doesn’t recognise words spelt the British way.
  7. When you open a brand new box of snackies, only to realise that you will undoubtably end up eating all of them.
  8. When someone set the volume to a number that doesn’t end in a 5 or a 0. (i.e.- 37, versus 35)
  9. When stupid assholes ruin the ends of books.
  10. When people say that Twilight is better then, or even on par with, Harry Potter.

But never fear, fair maidens/man-maidens. There is love in this world too.

  1. making lists.
  2. spelling things like British people.
  3. Improvising skits in Drama.
  4. Reading books that no one else ever will.
  5. Being the only one in class whose seen/read a book/movie that relates to the class.
  6. Being short. I may say I hate it, but really, it’s useful. (No having to ask for the kid’s menu, so I can color.)
  7. Law shows. The law is so stupidly interesting, and I love watching people rip it to shreds.

And here ends my lists of pointlessness. Now, wasn’t that a giant waste of your time?


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