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I decided that I like to doodle. I have these super fun new sharpie brand pens, which are basically just fine point sharpies, and I have about four pages in my super fun new 5 subject notebook just filled with random crap. Lots of hearts, butterflies, and stars. i also have just branched into little fat birds and snakes. And I drew Gary, from Spongebob. Wow. I can’t believe that this is what I’m blogging about. Doodles. i feel so mature… not. Ah, well. The fun doodles are also in blue, since I grabbed the wrong pens at the store. On another, equally pointless note, my hair is all ready to go for tonight. a bazillion curls, all Aquanet-ted into place, and I have been enjoying the confused stares immensely. When I get home I’ll post some pics for you guys. of the doodles, and my crazy hair.I also brought a dress to wear for the ‘fancy’ scenes, because no matter what Chelsea says about my black dress being a ‘black temptress’ dress, it is the most uncomfortable dress for dancing ever. it doesn’t breathe. I’m so excited for the musical. I love being on the stage, singing, and dancing. If anyone wants to see it, and can’t go, comment with your email, and I’ll email you a video of it, if i can. If you forgot, or I forgot to say, the musical we’re doing is Cinderella.  But I’ve had to  pause in between writing this post a zillion times, so I can’t remember what else I wanted to say. so bye!

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Glee Auditions

Is anyone going to brave auditioning for season 2 of Glee? Because I think I might, but I’m really, REALLY nervous. Luckily, it’s not a face-to-face audition, though. I like acting, though, and i love singing with all my heart. and the worst they could do is ignore my video, right? Not like American Idol, where they verbally reject you. You can’t exactly rationalize that maybe they just lost the video or something if you do it face-to-face, you know. Even if i do gather up enough guts, though, there is no way in HELL i’m telling my family. i haven’t even told them i’m auditioning for my school’s musical this year!! My family’s either super, overwhelmingly supportive, or super, painfully UNsupportive. usually the latter. but i follow the show religiously, and i have both the cds, and the first part of the first season on dvd. if i do audition, i’ll probably do ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ from moulin rouge, since no one on any of the forums and blogs has even mentioned it, and it’s not on any ‘don’t do’ lists. it’s also my favorite musical ever. or maybe ‘If I Fell’, from across the universe. in the end it’ll probably come down to acoin toss. heads i sing for school musical, tails i sing for glee audition. IF i audition. Any thoughts?


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