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I Can't Help It: My Celeb Crush

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What Celebrity Do I Have a Crush On— Really? You Need to Ask?


Darren Criss. I love him. And I loved him before he was on Glee. Not as long as Trici has loved him, but more then half the people proclaiming to. He’s pretty much perfect. Beautiful as heck, talented singer and actor, playing a gay kid… He’s Neil Patrick Harris, only (Hopefully) straight. But if he’s not straight, he needs to find himself a cute boyfriend soon, or it’ll just hurt all us unlucky females more in the long run. Not even kidding, other then holiday music, the only song I’ve listened to for the past week is ‘Teenage Dream’. It’s a good song anyways, but make it sung by a boy, to another boy, by a super talented boy, and it’s amazing. As you all have learned by now, I am prone to… squealing, when given reason to, i.e.- shown any man/boy serenading another man/boy. Like, I went nuts over a 45 second YouTube video of Neil patrick Harris singing a song from Rent to David Burtka. So it’s understandable, that this 3 minute, 41 second long serenade has got me jumping off of roofs in my glee, pun 100% intended. Now, during this episode of Glee, there was also a boy/boy kiss, which normally would have also sent me out of orbit, if it hadn’t been so completely unexpected, and shocking. Me and my sister were completely silent during the commercial break, which never happens. Even now it doesn’t click in my brain, that two boys kissed on tv, because of who they were. i always thought it’d be Puck who just up and kissed Kurt. He overcompensates, you know. So does Dave, i guess, but I never saw it coming. Now, when Blaine and Kurt kiss, I may end up hurting myself, from jumping up and down so much!

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Moody Headphones, Neil Patrick Harris, Christmas

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway

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What do these things have to do with each other? Seemingly, nothing, but they do actually all tie together, in an only slightly ruffled package.

My headphones PMS, I swear. Some days, only the right bud works, other days, only the left. I stopped using them for a week once, because I thought they were broken. They were not. It’s really hard to find good quality headphones that don’t go into your ear. I hate those kinds of headphones. They’re too big for my ears, and they give me a headache, on the off chance i can squeeze them in.

Neil Patrick Harris is perfect. Truly. And where any self respecting woman would only pine slightly once realizing his cruelly decided sexuality (Damn you, God!) but me? I seem to only love him more. Like, I was listening to the Rent soundtrack on YouTube, via my phone, and I found a video of him singing, which was nice, but I knew he could do that. Then, I look a little deeper, and I find a clip of him -wait for it- serenading his boy toy. Yup. And I think I should probably stop calling him his ‘Boy Toy’ some might find it offensive, I guess.

Would you say Rent is a Christmas movie? Because it’s based around that time of year, and there’s even a song, but it doesn’t really scream ‘holiday movie’, you know? Then again, neither does While You Were Sleeping, but I watch it every year, so…

Did you see how they all tie into each other? If you did, you get a virtual cookie.


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It Has Begun

Willow and his neighbor are having a hot guy contest. I figured you could all use a break from my emo posts, so here you go!

Jake Gyllehaal- Just watched Prince of Persia last night. Yum.

Jason Ritter- Yeah, so apparently he doesn’t photograph well, but he’s adorable, trust.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka- Kind of a package deal, you know? So cute, so sweet, it’s vomit-inducing.

Alexis Denisof- A yummy yum man. His name on Angel was much more fun, though. Wesley Wyndam Pryce. Cool, right?

Adam Baldwin- Yeah… A smallish picture, but i wanted one of his arms, so…

And that’s it for now. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find pictures that I hadn’t already used. I hope I didn’t have any repeats, but there were so many…


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My Favorite Gay Man Ever. (Next To You, Of Course, Willow.)

Neil Patrick Harris photographed by Eric Schwabel

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So. I love gay people. We all know this. But my favorite? Neil Patrick Harris. I love this guy, people. And I’m sorry, but have you seen this guy’s boyfriend, David Burtka? *sigh* God is a mean, evil man for making those two adorable guys, making them virtually perfect, then making them gay. Like, they’re having twins, which is just so cute, I can actually feel the cavities growing. Women and gay men everywhere are crying themselves to sleep at night. Like, I kind of tear up when I think of how utterly perfect Neil is. He’s adorable, he’s funny, he can sing, he can act… clearly he wants kids. But he has the only flaws that can never be overlooked by hopefuls; wrong sexuality, in a relationship, has no clue who I (or a good 95% of us fans) am. But if I had the chance, I would hide him in my basement forever. (Overlooking the fact, of course, that I don’t have a basement, and if I did, I’d never enter it.)


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