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Tomorrow’s Leader’s Debates of Today

These are the kinds of discussions the future of the world has on a daily basis. We're sorry, humanity.

Kyle- Aww, he's all out of candy!

Me- yeah, Trici ate the last one. And it's a girl.

Kyle- Oh. What's her name?

Me- *blank stare* It's a Pez.

Kyle- So? It's still a stuffed animal.

Me- Where is the stuffed-ness?

Kyle- It's stuffed with candy.

Me- Not anymore.

Kyle- Well, it was!

Me- Well, he doesn't get one!

Kyle- I thought it was a girl?

Me- …yeah… I said that.

Kyle- How can you even tell? It's doesn't have any… stuff.

Me- There's nothing dangling, so I think we're safe in the assumption that it is a girl.

Kyle- If you gave it a name it'd be more clear.

Me- Hush your face.

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