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Tomorrow’s Leader’s Debates of Today

These are the kinds of discussions the future of the world has on a daily basis. We're sorry, humanity.

Kyle- Aww, he's all out of candy!

Me- yeah, Trici ate the last one. And it's a girl.

Kyle- Oh. What's her name?

Me- *blank stare* It's a Pez.

Kyle- So? It's still a stuffed animal.

Me- Where is the stuffed-ness?

Kyle- It's stuffed with candy.

Me- Not anymore.

Kyle- Well, it was!

Me- Well, he doesn't get one!

Kyle- I thought it was a girl?

Me- …yeah… I said that.

Kyle- How can you even tell? It's doesn't have any… stuff.

Me- There's nothing dangling, so I think we're safe in the assumption that it is a girl.

Kyle- If you gave it a name it'd be more clear.

Me- Hush your face.

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Family in All But Blood. We Think.

Who is my best friend and why. I have friends??? Why didn’t anyone tell me???

Huh. My best friend. Is it really possible to have just one? Or for it to even be the same person day after day, year after year? Sometimes my best friend is the almost insanely hyper, Yaoi obsessed girl who’s just recently discovered Green Day. Other times it’s the boy who I have never met in real life, yet knows more about me then anyone in my family. Once, it was even the guy who let me sit by him on the bus on my very first day of high school. of course, by now I’ve learned that he’s annoying and rude, but at the time, he was the nicest person I’d met that day. My best friends are the people who I can insult and be insulted by until the cows come home, but by the next day we’ll be talking and laughing like nothing happened. My best friends are the people who don’t let me just sit off to the side like I am prone to. The people who you go to first with problems, before your family, even, are your best friends. My best friends are funny, sweet, annoying as hell, flawed, perfect, racist, 100% AntiPC. And God help me, but I love these people.

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What Keeps Me Up at Night

The reason I am so jittery throughout the day.

I am kept away from the wonder that is sleep by the same thing that keep my grandma awake. No, not hourly bathroom trips. Books. No matter what, I stay up almost all night reading them, searching for ones I plan on reading, or jotting down story lines for that book that I will one day write. I’ve always been like that, though. I get these weird obsessions and I just run with them. For all for eight grade I was convinced that i was going to be a famous artist, and spent hours pouring over a sketch book I found in the garage, trying to decide if I was going to play it safe, and use a cheapie crayon, or if I was going to splurge, and use a Crayola. I won’t even get into the full three months I thought my born purpose was to become a professional balldancer! (Sadly, this phase was much more recent then it should have been. Yay denial!!) I suspect, however, that it won’t be long until i am no longer kept up by books, but because of them. Because when I undoubtably procrastinate so much that I am writing a ten page paper in twelve hours, aided only by three Starbucks Double Shots and sheer force of will, it will be because I ‘only had one more page/chapter/book’. Seriously, if there was a way to pass school just reading and writing, I’d do it. But no. we must focus on things we will never use ( unless we’re planning on being engineers, which most aren’t) like Math, and Science. And while crap programs like football and friggin’ golf aren’t effected at all by the huge budget cuts, all of the arts are in danger of being cut. The arts are more useful then any sport, bar none. The number of theatre students that pursue their career and are successful is much higher then that of sports professionals. Especially ones from tiny, no name schools like ours. Hmm. Off topic. A sign I should go to bed. But will I? No. Gotta finish my book.

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