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I love music. Be it hard rock, pop, or even classical, I eat it up. Well, minus what my friends and I have dubbed ‘poser’ music. You  know. Rap… R&B… that stuff. It’s the one thing my whole family, all corners, love and agree on. Other families have reunions, and games nights. We sing. In the car, in the house… anywhere and everywhere. And we’re pretty good, if I do say so myself. My aunt even auditioned for American Idol this past summer! I base most of my relationships on how musically compatible we are, for God’s sake. I know that if I hand a friend a flashdrive and say, “here, give me your music.” that I’ll enjoy a majority of it. And i know that singing is the only thing I have that is a constant in my life. I know I’m not amazing. Hell, I’m probably not even great, but it’s what I have. I’m sad? Throw in some Rascal Flatts. I’m feeling broken hearted? Some angry Kelly Clarkson. I’m happy? Anything from the 90’s. There’s a song, artist, and genre for every mood. It’s that stability that draws me like a moth to flame, or a blind person to sound. As corny as it sounds, music truly is my life. It connects me to what makes me, me. Sorry if this seems insanely random, and rambling, bt-dub. It’s midnight, and I’m SO drained, it’s quite sad, really. So I’m going to leave this here, before I go crazy! Bye!


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My Feet hurt. I Shall Slice Them Off, And My Pain Will Be Relieved!

Yeah. My feet hurt. Like, majorly. On the plus side, this is the last week of school before fall break! yay! *insert random happy dance here* I bet all you public schoolers are jealous now, huh? Only two months into school, and we already get a break. When’s your next break? December? Lol… Just kidding. While we may have a lot of breaks, we also have modified year round, which basically means that while we do get long breaks, we don’t get the little holidays off, and we start school in July. Which I’m cool with, because summer vacation is SO boring! but, that’s in the past now, so… Who’s ready for Christmas??? I am! I almost caved again last night, though. I watched the first ten minutes of the Santa Clause before I regained control of my body and turned it off. It now lies in wait, patiently, in my dvd player. i don’t think I’ll last the weekend.

I’ve made some head way on my grandma’s gift, though. The book I got is now more then halfway full of drawings! *kicks pile of crumpled up papers under bed and strolls off, whistling inconspicuous tune* And i found a bunch of place setting ideas that are Christmas themed, and a bunch of cookie ideas! here’s my list of gifts so far (mostly so i don’t forget. which i will do anyways, which makes this list totally pointless. yay pointless things!)

Grandma- sketchbook of my drawings

Aunt #1- Nightsky painted rocks (for, like, a pathway.)

Aunt #2- Cow book (she loves cows, and i like to make books. treela!!)

Uncle- book of Finnish Recipes (he’s finnish, and loves to cook!)

Cousin- decorated hairclips (ribbons, glitter, etc)

Sister #1- dress up stuff (she loves dressup, and i know my old stuff’ll be put to good use!)

Sister #2- high heel lessons (she can’t walk in heels to save her life. Must fix that.)

Cat- cat treats (haven’t actually found a recipe for cat treats, but if all else fails, i’ll get some from the free sample lady at petsmart!)

Dog #1- dog treats 9found a good recipe for these. just need to figure out what wheat germ is. hmm…)

Dog #2- same as dog #1.

Fish- clean fishtank (hasn’t been cleaned in months! *blush* Tain’t my fish though, so…)

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it’s lunch time soon. yay! food for my belly-welly!

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If there ever really is an alien invasion, you could probably pick out which people have seen what alien movies. my sister would try to keep one as a pet, ala Lilo and Stitch. My other sister would be one of the crazy people from Independence day, with the signs and crap on top of a building. I would probably be the grandma from mars attacks, totally unaware of what’s going on! lol… my cat would be the aliens. and my grandma would be one of the grumpy people, moaning and groaning about how in her day people wouldn’t have been using cars to escape. in her day, they had to walk forty miles to get to the bus to escape from the cities being invaded!

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Has anyone ever noticed that the best tasting foods have the worst aftertastes? take chocolate, for example. while you’re eating it, it’s sweet. it’s like heaven crapped out a little piece of perfection just for you. but, once you finish it, you’re left with that awful, sour taste. like, if acid was edible, the aftertaste of chocolate is what it would taste like. same with cap’n crunch. _INTERMISSION_ i just reached over to get my laptop charger and almost fell off of my bed. smart points for amber!_END INTERMISSION_ so that’s it, really. falling made me lose my train of thought… oh well.

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Scared to Death

wow. when i saw the Lebanon ohio, i about died. see, i am a crazy person, and my latest fave actor is from lebanon (not ohio, but as soon as i saw lebanon on my blog, i froze) and… *take stablizing breath* ithoughtthatmaybejustmaybehehadreadmyblog, whileconvienientlyforgetingthathehasn’tbeenhomeinyears.

yeah. heh… i am insane.


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I think My Aunt’s Drunk.

yeah. so, she comes home from Wal-mart, and the first thing she says to me is, ‘i bought alcohol!’. like i care? i don’t even know why she bought it. it’s not like, beer, or anything. it’s like the kind of alcohol you’d have at a party. the last party we had at my house was my little sister’s ninth birthday. not really something you celebrate with kahula and margaritas. she’s an odd person. i think being single mother to three children that she had no part in creating has finally gotten to her. i guess it’s time to start looking at crazy home for her. *shakes head in apparent shame* i knew it would come to this. i just knew it. now we’ll be all alone, no one to feed us, get us clean clothes… and… and… AND NO ONE TO TAKE ME TO THE MALL THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! * wails like dying animal for several hours* heh… just kidding. but seriously. what normal adult brings chocolatey flavored alcohol into a house where a sixteen year old resides? because, while i loathe any alcohol at all, if i can’t taste, then what the hell, gimme a glass, and keep it coming!


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