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Movies in My Head

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Did you know that not everyone can picture what they’re reading as they’re reading it? I learned that recently. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t automatically picture the thing I was reading about. Is that why people don’t read? Because they only see words? Do people also not make up stories in their heads when they’re bored? God, I don’t know how anyone can handle that! No reading, no imagination… What’s the fun in life if all you have are songs with loud beats to overcompensate for the lack of a story, And movies, because you couldn’t come up with something like that in your mind? Man, I have a bunch of skills that will never help me in the future, don’t I? Instead of doing math at 4, I learned how to read. Instead of being able to keep a deadline, I can read books in a day, usually less. I have a killer imagination, but I will only be able to share that with people who enjoy reading, which is about an 8th of this stupid country’s population. And our country is stupid. We only read if a book is being made into a movie, is super short, or has an Oprah sticker on the cover. And even then, we need pointless things like the Kindle, because we’d rather read a book off of a small screen, burning out our pupils, but can’t handle reading a paper book, where the most damage you can expect is a paper cut, unless someone hits you in the head with one. Like, our school is very book-oriented (entertainment wise), and even then, our library is tiny, kids only read books about vampires and the like, and some of my very best friends don’t like to read. And don’t even get me started on manga. The story lines would make great books, but are watered down to about a thousand words, and a bunch of pictures. I greatly dislike having to fear the day when books are just… gone.


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Reading OutLoud and Glass

Wow. Why does no one have the seemingly simple talent of reading aloud? in American Literature we’re reading Our Town, and i swear, it’s like these people’s minds turned to mushy goo! like, whole words and sentences would suddenly vanish into thin air. and Simon Stimson suddenly be came Simpson Stimpson! it’s just sad and depressing. people stuttering over simple words like moonlight, or heliotrope… i died a little inside, seriously. on another note, i finished reading Glass today. i think it’s the first book i’ve read where i really and truly despised the main character. i mean, she’s hooked on drugs, has a baby who doesn’t even recognise her because she’s always away getting high, then she gets busted dealing, and finds out she’s pregnant again. she contemplates abortion, and i actually found myself hoping she’d do it, if only to save that poor baby from being born addicted to drugs, abandoned by its mother, and alone! then the bitch has the nerve to be optimistic, and plan to quit drugs, get a good job, and raise it. just like she had planned in the first book, Crank! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay. all better.

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reading this book…

So, i’m reading this book, Confessions of A Jane Austen Addict, and i gotta tell you, it’s amazing. it’s funny, it makes you think, and most importantly… it’s well written! it makes you wonder, what would happen if you really did switch places with a character from a book? how different would life be? For me, it’d be pretty damn swell, since my favorite book is Tuck Everlasting, and i’d get to live forever, eternally youthful! granted, life would start in the early 1900’s, but hey, i can handle making my own butter, or whatever for a couple decades! lol…


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