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I Think It’s Time.

Time for this year’s Eye Candy competition. If you’re new to mine or Willow’s  blog, here’s a rundown. Me and Willow post pictures of beautiful, half nekked men daily for about a week. You guys comment, and we both think we won. The only ‘rule’, I guess, is no copying. Once a man is posted, he can’t come back until next year. Well, I made that last bit up, but still.

Darren Criss- Yeah, so his hair is shorter now, and he’s… shaved. I personally think he looks younger with the hair and the scruffiness, but that’s just me. He’s friggin’ nice, though, if you know what I mean. I know I’ve been more careful with the phrase ‘jump his bones’, now that i know what it actually means, but it applies 100% for him!

Robert Downey Jr.- Look at him! Even being a total tard, and winking, for god’s sake, he’s gorgeous!!

Johnny Depp- Did you really think I wouldn’t put him on here? I spent like, half an hour looking for the perfect picture of him, and got distracted!

Severus Snape- *Sigh* He can sneer at me ALL day…

Robert Pattinson- You see what happens when you make a good movie, Robert? See? You make my list. And, please note, the only attractive picture of him I could find was from Harry Potter. My god, but he doesn’t photograph well…

That’s all for now, folks. You get more pictures when Willow posts his list!


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Punishment for Willow

Willow dissed one of my dream men. This. Is. PAYBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared Leto- 30 Seconds to Mars, My So-called Life, two of my favorite things, and he’s in ’em. He’s a hottie.

I’ve got two words for you: Yum. (please note that he’s innate hottness has rendered me unable to count, thus making me equate ‘yum’ as two words.)

Robert Downey Jr.- Someone once said he looked like Johnny Depp. I was intrigued, then disgusted.

Alex O’Laughlin- This, my dear folks, is what a REAL vampire looks like. Edward ain’t got shit on Mick St. John.

There. Now everyone has a good dose of eye candy, I regain my throne, and Willow wallows in self pity. ( now i’m giggling. Willow wallow.) Lol…


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