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Screwy Schedule

Once, just once, I’d like to have a school schedule that wasn’t completely messed up. I’m in a Junior Advisory Base, my dear, beloved computer, UberBitch, has been ‘upgraded’ to who I will now refer to as SlutBag, and for some reason, I’m taking Yearbook. I hate yearbook. A lot. The only respite i get is Drama, and this year I have it 5th period, instead of 1st, like last year. Having it first gave me the will to suffer through the rest of the day. Now I have to wait until after lunch. Grr… But, on the very slight upside, I get to blog now, I get to write, and I get to IMDB. Yay!!! No more sneaking blog posts or comments on my aunt’s computer at 3 in the morning! No more trying to check my email on a tiny phone. Also, my foot is totally asleep. Yay… On that note, or not, it’s my devil spawn of a sister’s first day of high school today. I think she’s cursed, because someone threw up on the bus this morning. I take pride in the fact that our bus has never had an accident for as long as I’ve been riding it, and then she comes along and ruins my streak.

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