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Day 4

The phenakistoscope – a couple waltzing

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Hmm… A time when i was most proud of myself? In 2010? The musical. I am not a very ‘out there’ kind of person. I can’t stand the thought of someone judging me. So for me to stand up in front of friends, family, AND strangers, singing and dancing? Kind of a big thing for me. I love singing, so much so that if I’m around people who would not enjoy an impromptu concert, I mouth the words to myself. But for some reason, I get nervous around people, and on a stage. Same with dancing. I’m pretty good with choreographed dances, but combined with the stage, and the singing… It just is way overwhelming. But I did it! I got up there and sang my heart out, and danced until my feet hurt really, really bad.

Yeah, either the musical, or this year in Algebra, when I finally understood what it was we were doing instantly. Moseley even used MY paper as an answer key! MY PAPER!

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Songs Speak To Me

Don’t you just love how songs always seem to relate to you in some way? i do. songs make you want to do things, make you want to give something new a chance. Songs are the words you wish someone had the guts to scream at you. I swear, if people spoke via song lyrics, i’d be much better heard, and i wouldn’t seem quite so spineless. i think i’d be sort of a bitch, if i spoke via song lyrics, actually… fun! And, random as it seems, this post actually does have a semi-point. i am currently listening to song after song, searching for ones that won’t remind me in any way, shape, or form, of home. because as soon as i’m done with high school, i’m out of here. i was thinking colorado; not too cold during the winter, but not sweltering during the summer. California’s too close to home, and no where sounds good. at least, not for just starting out… at some point in my life, i want to live in Virginia. my  birth mother lives there, from what i heard four years ago, and i need to see her. i have things to ask. things i need to know. but that’s not until i at least finish college. call me a dreamer, but i want to be all successful when/if i see her again after… it’ll be exactly eight years in seven days, so………………. at least 14 years it’ll be once i finish college. sadness, right? but whatever, that’s not important right now. any one have any travel/inspirational/moving on type songs? i tend to lean towards the more recent country songs, though i do enjoy tim mcgraw, faith hill, martina mcbride, and dixie chicks… thanks for reading my latest sleep deprivation-induced ranting!!

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