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Just A Little Thank You!

Also, I’d just really like to thank everyone for being supportive of my whole ‘Audition for Glee’ thing. You’re all just so nice, and if I ever do get famous, I’ll be sure to advertise the hell out of all your blogs!!! Lol… Seriously, though. You guys are amazing, and I’m so lucky to have you all. No one else I know has any clue about the Glee thing. No one. And to anyone else out there who is thinking about auditioning, do it, and I hope we all make it!! I was watching the video blogs on the extra stuff on the first part of season one on dvd, and it just looks so fun, and so tight knit… i miss having that kind of closeness. I have tried and failed to be friends with my family, and my friends aren’t close enough to be considered family… Actually, I don’t think I’ve felt that kind of closeness since I was in cheerleading. Like a family away from family, but more fun, and less likely to judge you, you know? Whatever. I’m rambling. As always. You’d think a 16 almost 17 year old would be able to stay up later then, say… 10pm? But sadly, tis not the case. Ah, me.


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