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Ahh! Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

Glee. Is. AMAZING!!! I am so glad they did Just the Way You Are, you don’t even know! That’s kind of my go to shower song. And I liked Dave’s dad. I thought he was going to be every bit an asshole as his son, but he wasn’t, which I liked. And Sue‘s wedding scene was just so… odd, and sweet, and heartbreaking. Abandoning your kids is bad enough, but coming back and expecting nothing to have changed… I don’t care how much I love my mom, if she ever does something like that, I’ll kick her. Next week’s episode is going to be badass, though. Willow, my boy, you got your wish. Darren and Kurt are going to sing together!!!! I need to figure out what though, see if it fits them… And people say I’m obsessed… Ha!

Okay, I have been searching for about half an hour, and no one has a real idea what they’re going to be singing, or who’s singing what. I saw Hey Soul Sister and Time of My Life mentioned, though, so…

I am a freak. I started reading the Hunger Games in first period, right? Not even reading non stop, just when ever Hennessey stopped talking. By lunch, I was finished, and well into the next one, called Catching Fire. The books are good, don’t misunderstand me. But people take SO LONG to read even a little book, like Anthem, while I fly through stuff like that! *Sigh* Why couldn’t I have been a math prodigy, instead? Being a fast reader and being able to read really advanced stuff won’t really get you anywhere, except maybe a certificate from the library, of which I have many. My aunt has been reading the 7th HP book for a week now, and still isn’t anywhere near being done, but I read it three times over the weekend!! *Sigh* I guess I’m just going to have to accept that I am incapable of finding a suitable way to display my superior intellect. Though, I have been supplying Trici with good comebacks to use against her boyfriend, so maybe do have a purpose! Lol…

So, my tummy feels funny, I can’t wait until next week, and I have an eye booger. Good night, all!


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