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Proof That Arizona Does Have Weather Other Then Boiling Heat- Yay Monsoons!!!

This right here is some of the only proof that Arizona has weather. Yesterday’s clouds were prettier, but I couldn’t get a good shot of any of them. This was taken right after school, at about 3:45pm. If weather was like this all the time, but not humid, i would be in heaven. Some people, however, are not like this. some kids were even wearing sweaters and huddled up like it was cold. if it was winter, that’d be one thing, but it isn’t. it’s summer, and huddling up is probably making it worse. Sweater Weather is when it is below seventy degrees for more then three days, in my opinion.

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It’s Cloudy!!

yay!! it’s cloudy! you know what that means? another afternoon of random raining!!! woot woot! i love the rain. scratch that, i adore the rain! i can stand in the rain for hours and not get sick! well, not deathly sick, anyways… it rained yesterday and i have pictures to prove it. they’re gonna be uber crappy, btw, since i took them through my window in my bedroom. *blush*


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