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My Weekend

Well, you know how last weekend was SO boring? not the case this weekend. Tonight I’m going to my school’s drama lock in, which goes from 9pm on friday to 7am on saturday, then i get to babysit my sister and her friend, and i also have to get my house ready for christmas, which involves an assload of cleaning. On top of this fun filled weekend, i’m sick, and would like nothing better then to hide out in my room, surrounded by tissue, pain meds, soup, and movies. because sucking snot back into your nose because the schools have a shortage of tissue is not as sexy as one might think. the holidays are fun and all, and i love having things to do over the weekend, but the timing is just shit. So how ’bout you? what’s going on in your lives? Nothing, obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. heh…

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Why In The Hell Do I Own A Jacket Like This When I Live In Arizona???


As I sit here, happily ignoring the fact that I have done squat to clean my room, I can’t help but notice the monstrosity that is my winter coat.

It’s huge! A jacket like that would be better suited for someone up in Alaska!!! It isn’t even cute or anything… *sad face*

But alas, It is the only one I own that isn’t torn to shreds do to years of wear and tear. I wish I had a reason to wear such a big jacket, though… it never snows here. *pouts* It only snowed twice last year, and even then, it barely stuck to the ground. Most of it melted straight away. How much does it snow where you live?

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