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Yet Another Blog

Hey all. Got a new blog up tonight. Has a more direct use, though, if that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t read it, but if you’re looking for something different from this one, check it out. It’s pretty much a place for my to write my stories and stuff that I don’t have to back up,or flashdrive. ugh. it’s at http://imgonnawrite.wordpress.com


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Reading This Book…

So, i have to read this book for American Lit., and i’m actually enjoying it! I mean, Our Town was fun, but that was a play, you know? This one’s called The Things We Carried, and it’s about the Vietnamese War. I hate all things to do with war. i’m just too anti pain for that type of thing. but it’s really wee written, and you get to see how things happened from a bunch of different POVs, and it’s just a really great read. A quick one, too. I had to read 30…9 39 pages before this Friday, and I (of course) put it off until the last moment, and have been reading it since second period, and i’m on page 155! If you’re into war stories and stuff of the make, i think you should give it a try!

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I Guess i Forgot to Give This Post a Name, So here It Is. It’s kind of Long, And it Doesn’t Ever Seem Like it’s Going to Stop, Does it? But it Will. Right……………………………. Now.

I found this wonderful piece of sequin-y cloth in drama last week, and i just found it after it had disappeared in my backpack a few days ago. Yippee! i shall post a picture of it when i get home and find my camera. that is correct, folks, Amber has yet again lost her camera. Well, not so much lost, as i let my sister use it for a project and have yet to see it. Sorry about the lost wait between posts, btw. the internet was (and still is) being a super slut this past week or so. hopefully it’ll be fixed in a few days, but if it isn’t, don’t get antsy.

Has anyone ever noticed just how many different types of fan fiction there are? i mean, i don’t read it much, but let’s face it, some people write better then the people who actually wrote the original books, and have better ideas, *cough* Stephenie Meyer *cough*. But to some point, it stops being weird and quirky and starts to be really creepy. like, people write fan fictions about bands and stuff! Why?? When did that start?


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