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A Ramble

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Utterly Alone

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Item #1

It’s official; I am incapable of being friend with anyone for more then three years. And I think you can stop counting people as your friends when they’re planning a friend’s birthday party, discussing who to invite, what to bring, etc, and don’t even notice me. I was in that damn hallway for a good ten minutes, and not one hello, not even a ‘hey, where’s Trici’, like I’ve become accustomed to. And I think they understood, at least on some level, that I was upset because no one asked for gum, like they always do. That’s what i am to them: a gum dealer, and a Trici GPS. So from now on, my only friends are the ones in drama, the ones who read this blog, and the poeple I have a class or two with who aren’t in that hallway every day. Which means, as of now, I have no friends who are older then me. Joy.

Item #2

I would like to know all your guys’ first impressions of me. Just to see if everyone is as bad at making them as I am. So no lying, and no sugarcoating things. if you thought I was going to be a huge bitch, say so.

Item #3

If I get called a freshman one more time, I will not be held responsible for what I will do to the idiot who does it. I am 17 years old! I have a senior laptop! I AM NOT THAT SHORT!!! 5′ 1 1/2″ isn’t that short! So what if I have a baby face! Lots of people do, but do you see them being called freshmen? No, ya don’t.


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