Things I Miss About High School.

  1. Friends. I haven’t have contact with a person not related to me in weeks. It’s insane, and it sucks!
  2. School. It’s really awkward, staying home during the day!
  3. Knowing what people are talking about on Facebook. Facebook keeps telling me to friend these people my old friends have, and I’m like, “Who the hell is that???”
  4. Wearing clothes every day. I’ll sometimes go two days in my jammies!
  5. Walking! Which is so lame, and such a fattie comment, but it’s true! 
  6. Drama. I miss both the teenage kind, and the class! 
  7. Blogging. Chances are, no one is even going to read this thing, because apparently people don’t like to blog anymore, or have changed blogs, or just forgot about them. 
  8. I have an awesome phone, and no one to show it off to.
  9. Everything!! Being a grown up sucks. Don’t do it. -_-


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7 responses to “Things I Miss About High School.

  1. Lena

    I read this! And I miss you! At least a few times a week, I’m like, “I miss Amber…”

  2. I chick this all the time to see if you’ve posted, and when you have I’m like “AAAAAHHHHHH SHE POSTED SHE POSTED SHE POSTED!!!!!!” And I’m going to turn 18 tomorrow. 18!!! I will always be a huge 6-year-old at heart though. 🙂


  4. Lena

    Things I miss about high school: AMBER

  5. haha, i’ll try not to be a grown up.
    You should go for walks with one of those littleuns that you sheered around!

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