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People are so Weird…

Pilot (Glee)

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About Glee. Like I always do, I went and perused some forums about glee, to see what other people thought of last night’s episode. My god, people hate change. Like, they were so butt hurt about how in the first season, bullying was something not to be taken very seriously, even funny at some points, but this season it’s all super serious. Wow, find some depth, people. There are different kinds and levels of bullying. Being called names, getting a slushie in the face- unpleasant, but faintly amusing. Being pushed into lockers and kissed by a creeper? Serious. And everyone’s upset because this season’s main focus is going to be about bullying, which translates into more Kurt. I’m sorry, but when a season of tv is about bullying, and it’s set in Ohio, with an openly gay main character, yes, the season will feature that person a lot. Wouldn’t it seem odd to you that the gay kid who wears weird clothes is left alone, while the short bitchy girl is bullied? If it offends you so much, just skip this year’s season. But if I see one more guy ranting about the ‘gay agenda’, I’m going to scream. Because yeah, gay people have monthly meetings, and plot to take over the world over tea and cookies. Just like black people do over rice krispies, and asians do over rice and chopsticks. People are just so ridiculous! It’s not like one season that focusses slightly on a gay character is going to turn everyone gay, people! Just like watching animal planet won’t make you throw poop, and scratch your ass. People are just so dumb! There’s no way to accurately describe how dimwitted and close minded this world is! You love who you love, that’s that! Do you know what my cousin told me on Thanksgiving? That in the future, being gay is going to be illegal. What’s sadder- the fact that a 9 year old worries about this, or the fact that for all we know, it could be? We’ve already brought back racial profiling, and are blaming problems we’ve always had on illegal immigrants, why is this so out there? So, my simple rant about idiotic bigots has, as always, turned into something completely different. Why does this always happen to me?? *Sigh* my brain is broked.


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Why I Hate Religion

Cults and new religious movements in literatur...

To clarify, I do not hate religious people. I have friends that are Jewish, Mormon, Christian… And more then a few Wiccan friends, too. I just hate religion as a whole. It’s all so confusing, and self-contradictory. It’s like, who the hell cares what we do in our personal time? None of it matters in the long run. But at the same time, no one’s advocating murder and rape. Most of all, I hate the people who try to ‘save’ us poor, religionless souls, shoving bible verses and prayers down our throats. Do they not know that by the age of 17, no one is ‘pure’ enough to get into heaven, or wherever it is people go? I’ve lied, stolen, cheated, cursed, took the lord name in vain, and oh my lord, I love those gay people, too! And let’s not forget that whenever I see that kid at school with only one arm, I always kinda want to touch the stumpy bit, just to see what it feels like. Oh, and I’m lazy as hell. I was supposed to clean the living room today. Did I? Hells no. I sat on my bed, ate yogurt covered pretzels, and watched movies. You? The same? Well then, see you in hell. Sorry about the slightly offensive nature of this post, but I hate it when people review movies, which ARE FAKE!, and talk trash about the actors, like the roles they play reflect their views/orientations. Oh, and if one more frickin Christian says that MY Heath is now burning in hell for playing a gay/bi/whatever cowboy, I will… I will lick a bible. yeah. That’s right, lick. So you all watch yourselves now.

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My Favorite Gay Man Ever. (Next To You, Of Course, Willow.)

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So. I love gay people. We all know this. But my favorite? Neil Patrick Harris. I love this guy, people. And I’m sorry, but have you seen this guy’s boyfriend, David Burtka? *sigh* God is a mean, evil man for making those two adorable guys, making them virtually perfect, then making them gay. Like, they’re having twins, which is just so cute, I can actually feel the cavities growing. Women and gay men everywhere are crying themselves to sleep at night. Like, I kind of tear up when I think of how utterly perfect Neil is. He’s adorable, he’s funny, he can sing, he can act… clearly he wants kids. But he has the only flaws that can never be overlooked by hopefuls; wrong sexuality, in a relationship, has no clue who I (or a good 95% of us fans) am. But if I had the chance, I would hide him in my basement forever. (Overlooking the fact, of course, that I don’t have a basement, and if I did, I’d never enter it.)


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Just When My Hopes For Humanity Could Sink No Lower

Pro-Life Rabbi

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I hate people. So much. But most of all, I hate the stupid pro-choice, homophobic idiots that seem to populate this world. These particular people were trying to promote abortion, and their main reason for supporting it was to stop overpopulating the world. Pshh. These are the same people who are against letting gay couples adopt kids. When the only people who are allowed to adopt are wealthy married couples, available candidates are seriously depleted. Not even counting the couples that don’t need/want to adopt. I don’t get why adults make everything so frigging complicated, when it’s so simple. Let gay people marry, let gay people and single people adopt, and stop letting anyone who decides they don’t want a baby anymore get rid of it. And i think Immigrants shouldn’t be kicked out of America. I find that to be super dumb, considering the fact that America was founded by immigrants. How is this the ‘land of opportunity’ if the only people who can live here are the ones who can afford (not always monetarily) to wait while all the paperwork is being finalized and whatnot. And also, this post is the product of not sleeping at all last night, so it’s no surprise that I started it for a whole different reason, but didn’t even come close to making the point I wanted to. Yay. And i love my jewish Rabbi, BTW.


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Andrew Likes Slash

Ya’ll remember that super annoying, mega insulting kid Andrew? Apparently he likes slash. Now, I’m not sure what he was referring to, a comic book, a tv show… all I know is that in the fan fiction world, slash means boy love. The world’s most annoying, slightly homophobic person ever likes to read boy on boy romance. Hah. It pleases me. Not as much as the one (And I mean one) book I’ve managed to find that had a main character that was gay. A fiction story, too. Not a self-help book, or a nonfiction thing, but an honest to god, for pleasure only fictional story. And he wasn’t magically cured of his gayness, either. He got a guy. Not the guy, but a guy. I loved it. I read it a million times this summer.

On that subject, I met my first mean gay person over the summer. Granted, he was about 70 years old, and had just soiled himself, but it happened. He yelled at me, and called me a pain in the ass suck up. Then he spit at me when I started laughing. I think I like mean gay people almost as much as nice gay people! I wonder, is it terribly wrong that I want to just give all the gay people of the world, nice or not, a ginormous hug, and pair them all off? I don’t think it is.


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