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Hey, All!

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How’s it going, lovelies? I finished a 2 page paper I had to write in English, so now I’m putting off turning it in, because i don’t want to do any more work. So I figured i’d give you all a post.

I finished my dramatic monologue for Drama last night. I think it’s pretty good, my self, but what do you all think?

Dramatic Monologue– My Baby

I never wanted to leave you, you know. It’s not like one day, out of the blue, I thought ‘Hey, I’m going to leave everything I know in this world behind and hope it all works out!’ It doesn’t work like that. It starts out a stray thought one day, while you’re driving to work. Just an innocent longing for something a little… more. No mother ever looks into her baby girl’s eyes, and plans on abandoning her, to fend off a world that just isn’t ready for her. No mother actually thinks leaving an 8-year-old girl alone with two toddlers for days at a time is good parenting. I loved you and your sisters. I still do.

You’re all grown up now, almost 18 years old. I don’t know if you remember me, or if I really even want you to. I wanted to come back to you, I really did! It’s just… Coming back to you after 9 years would do nothing but hurt you. I know, because it would hurt me, and you’re just like me. I’ve watched you cry yourself to sleep for days on end, even when no one else sees it. Every day I see you put on that same mask, and am unable to do anything to help you. I watch you cling hopelessly to every single relationship you can, and it hurts, so much, knowing I’m the reason you don’t trust anyone to stand by you, no matter what. I just wish I could find some way to tell you just how sorry I am, how much I regret leaving you to a family that doesn’t understand you. That sees your dreams, and makes a mockery of them.

‘I’m sorry’ just seems so… so cheap, when I think about all the pain I put you through. But I am. Sorry, that is. Look what I’ve turned you into! You have no self-esteem, when you should have all the self-esteem in the world. You are a brilliant, wonderful girl, and I wish I could tell you so. I know you don’t believe in God, baby, but one day, one sad, perfect day, we will be together again. And I will spend everyday from then on, trying to make it up to you. Every missed recital, every birthday, every heartbreak. Every boring, meaningless moment of your life. Just wait, baby girl, just wait.  I love you.

Is it good? I can tell you, writing a dramatic monologue is a lot easier then writing a comedic one! I’m only funny if I improv it, which I doubt we’ll be allowed to just improv a whole monologue. I can’t be funny in monologue form! It’s just not possible. When i write something funny, I end up turning it into a story, with a full plotline, and cast of character. Which are definitely not required for monologues. At all.

I promised myself i wouldn’t mention Darren Criss at all today. Guess I lost. I can’t help it, though! I was on YouTube and I came across Baby it’s Cold Outside, Glee version, and I love it. I hate that song, too, so… Darren Criss is fun. And he’s been boosting my daily views insanely, because people Google him, and I have about… 12 posts about him.


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I Can't Help It: My Celeb Crush

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What Celebrity Do I Have a Crush On— Really? You Need to Ask?


Darren Criss. I love him. And I loved him before he was on Glee. Not as long as Trici has loved him, but more then half the people proclaiming to. He’s pretty much perfect. Beautiful as heck, talented singer and actor, playing a gay kid… He’s Neil Patrick Harris, only (Hopefully) straight. But if he’s not straight, he needs to find himself a cute boyfriend soon, or it’ll just hurt all us unlucky females more in the long run. Not even kidding, other then holiday music, the only song I’ve listened to for the past week is ‘Teenage Dream’. It’s a good song anyways, but make it sung by a boy, to another boy, by a super talented boy, and it’s amazing. As you all have learned by now, I am prone to… squealing, when given reason to, i.e.- shown any man/boy serenading another man/boy. Like, I went nuts over a 45 second YouTube video of Neil patrick Harris singing a song from Rent to David Burtka. So it’s understandable, that this 3 minute, 41 second long serenade has got me jumping off of roofs in my glee, pun 100% intended. Now, during this episode of Glee, there was also a boy/boy kiss, which normally would have also sent me out of orbit, if it hadn’t been so completely unexpected, and shocking. Me and my sister were completely silent during the commercial break, which never happens. Even now it doesn’t click in my brain, that two boys kissed on tv, because of who they were. i always thought it’d be Puck who just up and kissed Kurt. He overcompensates, you know. So does Dave, i guess, but I never saw it coming. Now, when Blaine and Kurt kiss, I may end up hurting myself, from jumping up and down so much!

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My God. I’ve Become One of Them. A Fangirl!

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And that has never happened before! Not with Johnny Depp, not with Heath Ledger (RIP)… not even with Robert Downey Jr.!!!! So congratulations, Mr. Darren Criss, you turned one of the few normal teenage girls in America into a giggling, squealing, awful-song-writing pile of mush. Right now I am listening to the beautiful sound of YouTube buffering (has been doing so for… 8 minutes now) Just so I can hear “Teenage Dream’ done right. And when I read that he’s going to be a legit character on Glee, not just a guest star, or recurring character, I fell off of my bed. Yup. The last thing to happen to me that garnered that reaction was tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars last year! My subconscious equates Darren Criss with Jared Leto! …My brain just died a little. Too many mentions of beautiful men in one paragraph! All I can say is, i hope he grows his hair out. It’s much cuter, in my opinion, when it’s longer. I want to touch it.

I saw Santa yesterday, did I mention that? yeah, we were shopping at Fry’s, and he’s just sitting in a red recliner by the dairy section! I gots to pet his beard, which looked a lot softer then it actually was. I was disappointed, greatly.

Just so you all have an idea how shitty YouTube truly is, ‘Teenage Dream’ is still buffering. I hate technology sometimes.


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Well, Here Goes!

Charlie Brown

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Good morning, and welcome to the first annual Blogathon, please take you’re seats, and remember, no flash photography, smoking, or sexual relations while the post is in progress. Thank you!

I have discovered something. Sweet potatoes, are disgusting. No matter how you cook them, the best result you seem to be able to get is a tasteless crust, filled with icky mush. So I now have two random sweet potatoes sitting around, to go unused, uneaten. Now I know why on Thanksgiving you’re s’posed to cover them in brown sugar and marshmallows! If it’s not gonna taste like anything, go crazy with your combinations, I guess.

Apparently this Christmas our decorations are going to have a theme. Not our tree, or stockings, those are the same every year, barring any new family members and ornaments, but the outside ones, the table decorations… those are all Charlie Brown. Even the Nativity scene. It’s really cute.

My cat just tackled his mother. I loled, and then choked on my spit. Coolness.

Holy jesus, it’s cold! I don’t know how all you higher elevation states can handle it! New Jersey‘s already getting snow! According to various weather sites, AZ isn’t getting much snow this year, especially not Southern AZ, but I still have high hopes. Our average high for this time of year is like, 72 degrees. This year, highs have stayed around 69, 70 degrees, so I’m ever hopeful.

Trici, you really need to change the link to your blog, because I can’t remember what it is now, and every time I click on your name, it says that the blog has been deleted. If I have to, I’ll do it for you on Monday. But it must be done. It must!

I’m hungry, and I don’t feel like cooking. This is a conundrum I come in contact with almost daily, yet I still haven’t found the solution. Eating copious amounts of chocolate doesn’t help, tea doesn’t help… Eventually I’ll have to leave my room to find a suitable alternative to cooking. Oh, the horror!

Darren Criss. I have listened to ‘Teenage Dream’ a zillion times this week. Literally. Even in the shower, when I can barely hear it, because I can’t bring my laptop in the shower with me, or it’ll break. That’s what they should work on next. Not making laptops thinner, or smaller, or touchscreen, but water proof. It’s like ‘really? You can fit everything that makes a laptop a laptop onto a seven inch long tablet, but you can’t cover the thing in waterproof plastic or whatever?’

Glee has a Christmas cd coming out this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait… It’s going to be so good, and I may never listen to another Christmas cd ever again. Mostly because all of my Christmas music is already on my computer, or iPod.

I love having a phone that gets the internet, have I mentioned that? Because, if my computer’s being a bitch, i can still do things. And i have access to YouTube, which means I have access to Darren Criss, and Glee, and AVPM/AVPS, and a bunch of other things I wouldn’t be able to watch, even if my computer was working!

Winter Toes- I hate them. When your feet dry out, and no matter how much lotion you put on them, all you achieve is an awesome pepperminty smell? I guess it’s fate’s way of making sure people wear the right kind of shoes during the winter. No one wants anyone to see their dried out toes, you know!

My internet’s not working. If I had had to reload the page, and lost all the progress I’ve made, i would be SUPER pissed. Thank god for drafts, right?

Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious.

My name is Amber…


And I like Glee…


And I’ll like Glee…


For the rest of my life!

For the rest of her life!

Is it worse to be called a slut or a whore, do you think? I mean, if you’re called a slut, you have sex with pretty much anyone. If you’re called a whore, you have sex with anyone who can afford it. So when you’re called a slut, you’re being told that you aren’t prejudiced, and everyone has an equal opportunity to have sex with you. But if you’re being called a whore, you’re being told that you have standards, and are a good business person. So, using this information, I think I’d rather be called a slut then a whore.

Men of Glee Ratings-

Finn: 7.2- He’s cute, I guess, but he’s also an idiot, and has a blank look on his face all the time.

Puck: 8.6- Hot (No matter what you say, Willow!), but mean. But he’s trying to be better, hence the point 6.

Sam: 5.9- Not very cute, in my opinion, but seems like a pretty good person on the insides.

Kurt: 8.2- Adorable, but kind of martyr-y, you know? Not exactly the right word for it, but he seems to be a wee bit self centered. Which isn’t a bad thing, but isn’t a good thing, either.

Mike: 6.5- Cute, but don’t know much about him. Love that he has an actual character, though!

Matt: 6- Cute, but missing, without explanation.

Blaine: 10000000.7- Yeah… If i need to explain, you’re on the wrong blog.

Glee Girl Ratings-

Rachel: 4- I hate her. A LOT. Annoys me to no end. But she can sing, damn her.

Quinn: 6- Her and Sam is so cute, it’s sickening. And she too, can sing.

Santana: 8- So frickin’ funny, it’s insane. Even if she is a whore.

Brittany: 100000- The best Glee character ever. E. Ver.

Mercedes: 5- I don’t really like her much. They all have that stereotype they fit, but they all break away from it a little bit. Except for her. And that bugs me. But she’s no Rachel, hence the 5.

The ‘I Love Darren Criss’ Song-

I love Darren Criss, yes I do!

I would like to steal his shoe.

Left one, right one, doesn’t matter,

Both of them would be much better!

I like his hair, his cool eyebrows,

But I wouldn’t break into his house!

He wrote the songs for A Very Potter Sequel,

When he sings I start to squeallllllllll!!!!

Okay, so maybe I’m not the best song writer, but you get the gist.

My aunt and uncle bought a boat. A frickin’ BOAT!! Why does no one in my family get that they only modes of transportation acceptable to me are: walking, driving, and flying??? The last two only when I’m not the one in control! Ugh!

I’m gonna end this now, because we had to go to the store, and it broke the flow. Guess what I did, though? I got my picture taken with Santa, who was visiting!! Yes, I am that cool.


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Moody Headphones, Neil Patrick Harris, Christmas

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway

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What do these things have to do with each other? Seemingly, nothing, but they do actually all tie together, in an only slightly ruffled package.

My headphones PMS, I swear. Some days, only the right bud works, other days, only the left. I stopped using them for a week once, because I thought they were broken. They were not. It’s really hard to find good quality headphones that don’t go into your ear. I hate those kinds of headphones. They’re too big for my ears, and they give me a headache, on the off chance i can squeeze them in.

Neil Patrick Harris is perfect. Truly. And where any self respecting woman would only pine slightly once realizing his cruelly decided sexuality (Damn you, God!) but me? I seem to only love him more. Like, I was listening to the Rent soundtrack on YouTube, via my phone, and I found a video of him singing, which was nice, but I knew he could do that. Then, I look a little deeper, and I find a clip of him -wait for it- serenading his boy toy. Yup. And I think I should probably stop calling him his ‘Boy Toy’ some might find it offensive, I guess.

Would you say Rent is a Christmas movie? Because it’s based around that time of year, and there’s even a song, but it doesn’t really scream ‘holiday movie’, you know? Then again, neither does While You Were Sleeping, but I watch it every year, so…

Did you see how they all tie into each other? If you did, you get a virtual cookie.


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