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Day 4

The phenakistoscope – a couple waltzing

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Hmm… A time when i was most proud of myself? In 2010? The musical. I am not a very ‘out there’ kind of person. I can’t stand the thought of someone judging me. So for me to stand up in front of friends, family, AND strangers, singing and dancing? Kind of a big thing for me. I love singing, so much so that if I’m around people who would not enjoy an impromptu concert, I mouth the words to myself. But for some reason, I get nervous around people, and on a stage. Same with dancing. I’m pretty good with choreographed dances, but combined with the stage, and the singing… It just is way overwhelming. But I did it! I got up there and sang my heart out, and danced until my feet hurt really, really bad.

Yeah, either the musical, or this year in Algebra, when I finally understood what it was we were doing instantly. Moseley even used MY paper as an answer key! MY PAPER!

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Cat Briciola with pretty and different colour ...

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I love my cats, I really do. They’re soft, and sweet, and fat, but my eyes just freak out around them! Like Jackson, the big fat black one? He’s what i call a super long furred cat, so even though he’s my favorite, and he loves me so much he tries to follow m into the bathroom, I can’t be around him for too long. it sucks. it sucks balls.

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Pre Lock-In Update

Traditional pajamas for sleeping.

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  1. Willow demanded a Lock In post, so here’s the first one. Just a list of things I’m doing, and are going wrong, to prepare for the single most fun night I get.
  2. Wonderful footie pajamas I’ve been bragging about don’t fit anymore. Damn boobs.
  3. Clingy aunt is determined to ruin the only fun I get that’s outside of school.
  4. Mother nature may soon be dropping off her monthly gift. Bitch.
  5. Kind of wigging out about Step In questions. Not really up for revealing personal crap to people i only kind of know.
  6. Gotta take a shower, but our bathroom’s tub isn’t draining, and My aunt stupidly tried to flush a plant down the toilet, so her whole bathroom is gross.

Now on to the good stuff!

  1. Making brownie bites at Trici’s house before the Lock In.
  2. Gonna get to see Kyle and everyone else who quit drama for the first time in forever.
  3. Gonna bring my piggy/pillow guy. I loves him.
  4. A whole night away from my family. Even more then usual, cause I don’t even have to go home first! Instead of the usual 9 hours of freedom, i get a whopping 14 and a half!!! Sweet!
  5. I get to make more memories, but with my closer friends. Instead of ones I made with the others, where i was never really a part of the memory, just a bystander.

So there you go. A general idea of what the lock in does to me. I love it!


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