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dog? what dog?

att2145290-4234-1-_tplqcan you find the dog in the picture??? lol… so cute

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Why? Why are guys so acutely able to find a girl’s one weakness, and flaunt it with a perfection one finds only in artwork? How can life be so cruel? You’ve all seen movies before, right? Have you seen the ones with hot guys in them? how about the ones where said hot guy is all wrapped up in a toasty blanket? if you have seen even one movie like this, you get where i’m coming from. if not, i feel sorry for you.

Movies/ t.v. shows with hot guys who cuddle up in a nice warm blankie-

Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza place

The Matrix

Definitely, Maybe

these are my favorites. Can’t tell you haw many times i’ve watched these movies and wished i’d been born a blanket! lol…

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