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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s over people! 2010 is gone for good! here’s an overview of the last 365 days.

  1. January 2010- Decided to audition for the musical.
  2. February 2010- Actually auditioned, singing There is No Arizona.
  3. March 2010- Lost probably 20 pounds, since my bus stop-to-home commute went from about a mile, to about six.
  4. April 2010- Turned 17. Performed in Cinderella.
  5. May 2010- Went to KFMAday. Saw Jared Leto. Got beer spilt on me. Finished Junior year.
  6. June 2010- Tried and failed to find a job.
  7. July 2010- Nothing big.
  8. August 2010- First day as a senior in high school. Saw all my friends for the first time in months.
  9. September 2010- Glee, season 2! Exchanged numbers with Willow.
  10. October 2010- Got Permit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was the Cheshire Cat for Halloween. Drama Lock In.
  11. November 2010- Did Testing, Testing. Remembered all 47 of my lines, both nights! Had fight with Trici. Fixed fight with Trici.
  12. December 2010- Christmas, duh! Verbally kicked a certain someone’s ass. Got snow! Saw Harry Potter, Life As We Know It, Despicable Me, the Ga’Hoole movie, and Narnia!!!

And that’s it! Obviously, a lot more happened, but if you follow this blog, you know most of it all ready!

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Insert Witty Title Here.

Copying Trici… Again.


Willow: I love you. I can count on you to be there, even though you technically aren’t, no matter what. I can be as awkward as I want around you. Sometimes more. You’re probably the only person who can make me LOL for real, even in a completely empty house.

Trici: You are like the sister I wish my sisters were. We have our ups and downs, but we always end up right back where we began- in that first period drama class, making up characters, and making videos. I trust you above all else, and dread the day we part ways.

Lily: You may be the most eccentric person I know. You are a huge Gleek, you are always on a horse, and you are kind of paranoid. You give the best hugs, and can make anyone smile. I adore you!

Erica: You are freaking awesome, and I don’t know what this year would have been like if i had never met you. You’re so confident, and you can make people laugh just by saying what’s on your mind.

Ashlei: You are my whiteness. I will never be able to think back to last year without laughing insanely, and I have you to thank for that.

Jamie: You may not be a complete replica of me, but that’s okay. You don’t need to love Harry Potter, or obsess over the suckiness of Twilight. Just stay my friend, that’s all I need.

And to everyone I didn’t mention (Because of a lack of time, not because I forgot, or didn’t care.)- I love you. We may not have more ups then downs, we may get along perfectly. Whatever our relationship, know I treasure it. Except for Michael. I can’t stand you. You are a creep, and  wish you’d stop sitting by me on the bus.


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Day 6

Warm hug

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Something I learned about myself in the past year.

I learned that people like me. Not everyone in the world, not even everyone i know. But some people do. A lot of them, actually. My friends really are my friends. I don’t have to be so insecure. Don’t get me wrong, I still am really insecure, but just the knowledge that I don’t have to be is enough! Seriously, if everyone had as great of friends as I do, people would be a lot happier. I don’t really know what else to say, except i love you all, and thank you for making high school so much more bearable! I wouldn’t have survived without you guys!

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Day 1(Yes, Another Thing I Stole From Someone Else’s Blog!)

Just a Friend

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So, according to Erica’s blog, day 1 is a letter to someone who was there for you during a hard time in 2010. here goes!

Dear Willow,

Yeah, I guess it was kind of obvious who I’d choose. You’re my best friend, after all! I’ve never wanted a brother, ever. I don’t have a very good track record with men in general, as you know. But then I met you. I don’t even remember how, or why, but I did, and I fell in love. In a strictly platonic way, of course. You make me laugh, and I can (and do) tell you everything, even if it’s just a random thought I had while walking to the bus stop, or watching Glee. I can go to you whenever I need to, despite the 3 states that separate us. Throughout all for this past year, you’ve been my rock. When the friendship I’d had since freshman year hit the three year mark, and disintegrated, you were there, and I didn’t care so much when they would ignore me, because I knew that no matter what, I still had you. And then when Trici and I had that falling out a few months ago, you kept me from isolating myself, like I usually would have done.

You are perfect. You’re funny, smart, and only a wee bit crazy! So you remember that, whenever you are feeling sad, and want to cry, but can’t. Remember that I love you, and even if you weren’t gay, I still would! uh. Usually, people say that they’d love someone, even if they were gay. I am so backwards sometimes…

Anywho, I love you lots, GBFAM!!! (Gay Brother From Another Mother)

Okay, that was that. In about an hour, you’ll have Day 2 up. because I can never keep something like this going for more then a couple days. Lol…


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