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I Found A Quarter. Would You Like It? Yes? Too Bad!! It Tis MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Evil, Yet Painfully Annoying Laughter*

Why am I so stupid? What in the world possessed me to tell my aunt that I would clean my room by the end of next week??? I hate cleaning! I’m supposed to be doing it right now, but guess what?? I ain’t! Grr… But whatever. Now, since I’m a total dufus when it comes to keeping themed blogs, I’ve decided to simply combine them. On a different (and worse) site, i have- had- a Christmas blog, that I’d neglected horridly. So there are going to be special posts here about Christmas, instead. This way, I get my Christmas fix, but without wasting a whole blog. These posts will be very obviously Christmas themed, and easily skippable, if Christmas is an issue with you. They’ll probably have a picture of something Christmasy, and be named something related to Christmas. So, enjoy!

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50th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not really, i’ve just finally crossed the 50 post mark. this’ll be post #51. the last blog i had lasted a whopping 17 posts! yeah.

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