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Drama Club

I am in drama club. why, oh why didn’t i join freshman year? it’s so much fun! we did skits, we did arts and crafts, we played games… it was like kindergarten, only we could curse. the next meeting’s in october, and then there’s a lock in on december 4th. i can’t wait! i can’t get over how much fun i had! and then when it was over we played ‘mafia’ while we were waiting for our parents, or for the activity buses to arrive. I swear, i never thought junior year would be so great!! at the spirit assembly, they tell us how many days of high school we have left, and this year we had an amount worth cheering for! we are upperclassmen, and god, do we abuse that fact. we get the best tables at lunch, we get first dibs on the chairs, couches, and tables in the library, we know the kitchen people, so we get the good food… i swear, it’s like we’re royalty, only without the pressure the seniors have. we can just sit back, and enjoy being awesome, but the seniors don’t have time to enjoy being at the top of the food chain. it’s like, the seniors are… the president, always working, but we’re like, the queen. we do some work, organizing things, but for the most part, we’re just in it for the fun. i mean, freshman year you’re trying to find where you fit in. the teachers are evil, the students seem to hate your guts, the pe uniforms never seem to fit right, and everyone keeps asking the dreaded question, ‘when can i meet all your little friends?’. Sophomore year is only marginally better. You know the teachers, but they aren’t familiar with you yet, you have friends, but they aren’t close enough to really be considered best friends, you don’t have to take pe, and, best of all, you aren’t at the bottom anymore. Junior year is a huge improvement. great friends, teachers know you closely, still no pe, classes make sense, and you’re comfortable enough in your skin to try joining clubs and stuff. senior year is even more. top of the food chain, great friends, teachers are friends, still no pe, classes are hell, and you are a part of every club or team, it seems. you also have college applications, graduation, sats, etc. wow. that was a huge topic switch. from drama to the superiority of the junior year of high school. weird.

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spirit week

teehee… i love spirit week… today is comedy/horror day, and a few people came dressed as juno!! rofl… one guy had the whole track outfit on, tiny shorts and everything!!! i about died when i saw that…


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