I love to write. It’s probably the only constant I’ve had in my life, after reading. I write poems, songs, short stories, long stories… Everything and anything. But for the first time ever, I will share some of the things I write with you! So, if you never even click on this page, that’s fine, but I just wanted people to have the option. Of reading my stuff, that is. Yeah…




December 1st, 2011- Drift

You’d close your eyes

A feeble disguise

You ignored the stares at your back

They are the sea you always tried to become

Chaotic but so well controlled

You can see now what you never saw then

They may be the sea

But you are the driftwood

Floating above them all


See, it’s not very good. It sounds like a poem on the inside of a Hallmark card, or something. But hey, practise makes close to okay enough for others to see!

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