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I’ve Been Gone for Four Days, and Have Nothing to Show for It!

Which is really just depressing. I mean, I went to the store to buy food, bought a zillion new shampoos, made pumpkin bread, and watched tv. That’s it. So to make up for it, and please Trici, who told me to post something, I’ll just post a few pictures of the most beautiful man (Under 30.) in the world. Enjoy!

Right? Well, now my blog has some purty darn attractive eye candy, I’m going to go potty. And it’s gonna be totally awesome. Yeah, that JUST happened.


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The Complete And Utter Boredom That Is My Weekend

*Long, drawn out sigh* I have nothing to do. Well, scratch that. I have nothing I want to do. I have plenty i need to do though. Persuasive essay on the ethics of Euthanasia, Challenge question for Algebra 2, Weekly Word Study for American Literature, Laundry, Clean the bathroom… See? But would you want to do any of that? Didn’t think so. So instead of doing my cumulative chores (yay! I used ‘cumulative’ correctly!!) I spent ten consecutive hours on Neopets. yes, I Amber McLain, sixteen year old high school student, play Neopets. *shrugs* It calms me. I also chewed a corner off of my school id, in protest, and cried when I saw on the news that Oprah was leaving tv. When I was little, i was convinced i was going to be just like her when i grew up. Funny, successful, rich, and pretty, without being skinny. (My actual list from a second grade homework assignment.) I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome to be her? To have that much influence over how people view things? To be able to help as many people as she does? I bet if Oprah had a blog she’d have more then 2092 views, too. LoL…  Anyways, back to my list of the day’s accomplishments. I found out that I hate hickory smoked tuna, um… I found out that my cats, sadly enough, are not gay kitty lovers, because Jackson, the big fat one i think i have pictures of on here, was flirting through the front door with my neighbor’s cat, Muffy. Yes, Muffy. *shudder* A truly, truly awful name, isn’t it? i also took a very long, satisfying nap. which I was woken from by my baby cat Finn sneezing in my ear. Wow. once it’s all written down, my day looks quite productive, doesn’t it?

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I’m bored. Don’t wanna do stupid Am. Hist. work. ugh. We’re listening to some stupid civil war era music, and i’m about to gouge my eardrums out. No joke. Now it’s some cover of The Ants Go Marching. Icky. I know it’s really not, but it totally sounds like it.

“And they all go marching down… to the ground… to get out… of the rain…”

Ahem… Anyways. I ‘Twas watching Love Actually, to celebrate the new christmasy candles I purchased, and when the credits rolled, i saw the last name i ever thought I’d see. See, for a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out why Josh Groban’s ex-girlfriend’s name sounded so familiar. January Jones. She’s Jeannie, in the bar! I saw the name, and I just kind of coughed/choked/sneezed. Cause I’d been finally settling down after my surge of Josh-Love, when i watched it, and I truly had no idea who she was until i saw her name in the credits, blinked twice, and used the great and mighty powers of IMDB to see if it was true. She’s really pretty, which makes me wonder who ended it, or if it was a mutual thing, or if they were never going out to begin with. Cause i’ve seen some crazy couples that turned out to be false. Hmm… Shall do research, and do a follow up post. unless i forget. Which I might. Cause i do that often.

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