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I Guess i Forgot to Give This Post a Name, So here It Is. It’s kind of Long, And it Doesn’t Ever Seem Like it’s Going to Stop, Does it? But it Will. Right……………………………. Now.

I found this wonderful piece of sequin-y cloth in drama last week, and i just found it after it had disappeared in my backpack a few days ago. Yippee! i shall post a picture of it when i get home and find my camera. that is correct, folks, Amber has yet again lost her camera. Well, not so much lost, as i let my sister use it for a project and have yet to see it. Sorry about the lost wait between posts, btw. the internet was (and still is) being a super slut this past week or so. hopefully it’ll be fixed in a few days, but if it isn’t, don’t get antsy.

Has anyone ever noticed just how many different types of fan fiction there are? i mean, i don’t read it much, but let’s face it, some people write better then the people who actually wrote the original books, and have better ideas, *cough* Stephenie Meyer *cough*. But to some point, it stops being weird and quirky and starts to be really creepy. like, people write fan fictions about bands and stuff! Why?? When did that start?


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